Co-financing of sports buildings

Co-financing of sports buildings

„ Public invitation for a statement of interest to co-finance construction, renovation, maintenance, equipment, and reconstruction of sports buildings in 2024. year“



08. December 2023.


Through Public calls for a statement of interest to co-finance, renovation, maintenance, equipment and reconstruction of sports buildings in the year 2024, define targets, criteria and procedures for allocation of funds meant to implement projects that will be co-financed from the funds of the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia for 2024 and projections for 2025 and 2026. year.


  • up to 400,000,00 EUR for the sports hall
  • up to 300,000,00 EUR for football played š and natural trava/large, football played š and artificial grass / large and athletic path
  • up to 250.000,00 EUR for outdoor sports played š te, tennis court and other
  • up to 45,000 EUR for special program area


Up to 80%, depending on the type of logon, activities, and expected results  


4,061,318.00 EUR


  • Municipalities / cities / counties and they can report a project for a property that is in their property (buildings and land).

The logon will be deemed acceptable if it reports a sports structure that is in a government š tva shopping company i.e. established for managing the sports / construction or management of sports / construction facilities, just in case the application is a 100% owner of that shopping company or the founder of that institution.

The applicant will be considered acceptable if he/she applies for a sports building that is not their property but the property of an educational institution (primary or secondary school) of which the applicant is the founder. As proof of the same, it is necessary to submit the act of incorporation.


01. January 2024. - 01. March 2025.


Acceptable project proposals are those whose implementation and acceptable costs encourage or contribute to improving the quality of conditions (sports buildings) for the implementation of sports activities and co-financing in program areas that are in accordance with the prescribed conditions of this Public Call.

Each applicant can submit a maximum of one (1) project proposal, with the exception of the City of Zagreb, which can submit three (3) project proposals in three (3) different program areas.

Applicants can act independently or with partners.



All activities related to construction, construction, reconstruction, reconstruction, and equipping) and equipping sports buildings

Activity is considered acceptable if:

  • satisfies public needs in sports through the same availability of a resident š tvu,
  • is the required documentation available to the reporting user
  • comply with regulations, to normative documents and standards of the Republic of Croatia
  • enables the promotion of gender equality and disabled persons, and anulates any form of discrimination.

Reporters are required to adhere to the legal terms of  that represent minimum requirements for implementing horizontal policies.

DNSH principle – principle (engl. “ Do not have significant harm ”).  The reporting proves the minimum criteria of the DNSH principles for the following š do not targets of the EU Taksonomic objectives.

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