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About us

CORDION Consultancy

CORDION Consultancy is a consulting company, specialized in supporting the private and public sector in the preparation and implementation of research, investment and development projects in Croatia and the region. With many years of experience in the international consulting sector possessed by our team members and associates, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by business entities and public administration. This experience makes us a reliable partner that can successfully manage even the most complex projects, regardless of size. Social responsibility at CORDION is not just a phrase - it is our business philosophy! We passionately recognize the importance of a positive impact on society and the environment. If you need a consulting company that can provide professional and reliable support in your business, contact us.

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CORDION Consultancy ključne vrijednosti!

We are an extension of your Management Board

Your success is our priority. The success of your project is also our success, which we sincerely look forward to

We create partnerships

We create long-term partnerships with clients and experts. We create synergies as added value for future projects.

We are introducing a new way of thinking

We create a creative and innovative environment that encourages thinking outside the box.

We are committed to your projects

We are dedicated, open and transparent in communication.

Founder and CEO 

Monika Kordić

Monika is a consultant with more than 20 years of work experience in managing projects and teams in the field of EU funds, Croatian grants and various international programs for the private and public sector in Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey, etc. She gained professional experience in renowned international consulting companies such as are Agriconsulting Europe S.A. (AESA) from Belgium, Vakakis Development Consultants from Greece, NIRAS from Sweden, EBRD from Poland, etc., and then in Croatian consulting firms. 

Public sector - building the administrative capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agency for Payments in Agriculture, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of the Economy, creating strategies and operational programs, policy papers and policy briefs in accordance with EU requirements, education/workshops, etc.

Private sector - preparation and implementation of over 300 development and investment projects worth over EUR 50 million financed from EU funds (structural and cohesion funds, IPARD, EMFF, Rural Development Program, H2020, etc.), credits and loans, tax relief...

Monika is currently is PhD student at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economic and Business. She has successfully completed Master study ,,Local development in the Balkans", Master's theses ,,EU policies and measures for sustainable rural development measures", at the University of Trento in Italy (2004). Monika has BsC in Bank and Finance from the Faculty of Economics of the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, Macedonia (2021).

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Tibor Bošnjak

He is currently defending the final thesis of his undergraduate studies at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management on the topic of entrepreneurship. At the same time, he was educated on the topic "Development and implementation of projects financed from EU funds" at Algebra Zagreb. During his personal development, he gathered experience in various fields such as sports and playing handball, tourism and leading and organizing trips, and ecology, where, in addition to an internship at the environmentally oriented company Nobel d.o.o., he also passed "Climate Change" 2023 as part of a student exchange. in Madrid. He gained professional practice in his native Mostar in one of the best companies in the field of ecology and in a small business in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Zagreb, he completed undergraduate studies in "Economics and Management" at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management.

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