We understand the importance of adequate financial resources for business growth. Our team will help you access different financing options, including loans and/or loans, EU and other grants and tax credits, tailored to your specific needs. We will prepare the Request for EU or any other support and later be your support in managing the implementation.


Key services


A. Individual applications / Requests

1. Analysis of applicant eligibility

2. Analysis of the project idea

3. Drafting of the project concept

4. Preparation of project applications

5. Preparation of the necessary study (business plans, investment studies and/or Feasibility Study with cost-benefit analysis (CBA)

6. Collection of necessary administrative and technical documentation

7. Creation of other necessary forms

8. Communication with relevant stakeholders

9. Preparation and submission of project applications


B. Project management (PMO)

1. Analysis of contractual obligations and responsibilities

2. Communication with implementing bodies/banks

3. Management with the project team

4. Public procurement procedure

5. Preparation of regular reports, requests for reimbursement of funds, etc.

6. Preparation of the final report


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