Resource efficient economy

Resource efficient economy

„ Enterprise Support support for the transition to an energy and resource-effective economy “


Replier for compliant verification of application and project eligibility!!!!  



A call to the delivery of the project proposals was launched under the National Recument Plan and Residencies of 2021. – 2026, Priority C1. The economy, through investments covered by the sub-component of C1.1.1.R4-Increase structural sustainability of the economy and boost the green transition, and within the framework of reforms, support companies for the transition to the energy and resource efficient economy (C1.1.1.1. R4-I1).   NPOO is within the framework of the mechanism for the rehabilitation and resistance of the EU whose goal is to ease the economic and social consequences of pandemic coronavirus and make European economies and dra š s sustainable, resilient and readiness for challenges and opportunities brought by the green and digital transitions.


Group 1. Small and medium-sized enterprises:

70,000 - 995,421.06 EUR

Group 2. Middle-capitalized enterprises:

265,445.62 -  4,645,298.29 euros  


From 35 %-75% depending on the type of logon, activities, and expected results  


Recent reporting from the following classes of activities within Sector C, Preprocessing industry:


10   Food product product    
11   Drink product  
13   textile production    
14   Production of clothing  
16   Wood and wood products and cork products, 
17   Paper and paper products     paper products
18   Printing and duplication of recorded records  
20   Chemical products and chemical products    
21   Production of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmacs.
22   Product of rubber and plastic products  
23   Production of other non-metallic mineral products    
24   Metas Product    
25   The production of ready metal products, except machine and equipment  
28   Machine and device production, d. n.  
31   Furniture production 

Reporters must be a small or medium-sized enterprise, or a private medium-capitalized enterprise, provided that in the competitive process of provisioning funds, they can prove that the planned investments contribute to the value of at least 20% of accomplishing at least one of the following objectives:

  • promoting a circular economy by introducing a resource efficiency and product lifecycle, including sustainable supply of primary and secondary raw materials
  • decarbonization and reducing the emissions of energy-intensive industries, including demonstrations and introduction of innovative technologies with a low level of emissions.

The applications from the energy-intensive industries (including the ETS facilities) are accepted, which include activities within the sector C Preprocessing industry (according to NKD 2007).

Repliers are reported with a share of three š s energy in the application of the logon ei= ≥ 2,00%  in 2023.year (including the ETS facilities), which includes activities within the sector C Preprocessing industry (according to NKD 2007).


maximum to 30. June June 2026


Key Prerequisites:  

1. Project is carried out on RH territory

2.  The project is in accordance with the climatic and vertical š standards provided by the Technical guidelines on sustainability in the InvestEU fund

3. The project contributes to reducing š tetal emissions by at least 20% compared to investments that are not directed at energy efficiency and cori š renewable energy sources, and / or augments of cori š tenja secondary raw materials (recycates and recovered materials) in the total volume of materials in production of at least 20%.

Other prerequisites are described in the draft logon Instructions for the call to the provisioning of non-spovary assets available on links


  • investments required to achieve you š e energy efficiency levels, the application of green technologies in enterprise business processes aimed at reducing negative effects to climate and environment which will result in energy efficiency and / or decarbonization and decreased šaunt shows
  • investments necessary to encourage production of energy from renewable
  • investment in measures to apply green technologies in enterprise business processes to reduce negative effects to climate and environment which will result in a resource more efficient by introducing resource efficiency to the production cycle and / or product lifespan, including reducing resource potro š s in production of a certain amount of products, and replacing primary raw materials (recycled or reused materials that are processed, otherwise they would be rejected or processed in a manner less eligible for an environmentš) and / or decarbonization and decreased š aunt eshows

Other Project Activities:

1. Project Management  

2. Project visibility activities

3. Activities related to the promotion of horizontal principles  

4. Co-class with the principle ''DNSH'' 


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