Interreg Euro-MED

Interreg Euro-MED

The fourth call to the delivery of the project proposal is open.


12 March - 12 June 2024

Total financial envelop

44 million EUR

Other important info

  • Co-financing rate is 80%
  • Total budget per Test project should not exceed 2 500 000 EUR
  • Total budget per Transfer project should not exceed 1 500 000 EUR Test
  • Project duration: maximum 33 months (test project)
  • Project duration: maximum 27 months (transfer project)


Public and private organizations from the regions of the Mediterranean area.  

Projects must be synchronized with the Program priorities and  its specific targets.

  • Priority 1: Smarter Mediteran
  • Priority 2: Greener Mediteran


  • Inovative sustainable economics
  • Natural heritage
  • Promoting green living area 
  • Enhancing sustainable tourism

Projects co-funded by the Programme must have a transnational dimension. As a minimum requirement, the partnership of any Interreg Euro-MED project must involve:

  • at least 4 financing partners
  • from at least 4 different countries from the Programme cooperation area
  • among which, at least two partners are based in an EU region of the Programme cooperation area

Acceptable projects that span:

Test (test)

  • Conducting preliminary or feasibility studies (if necessary and not available by other projects)

  • Adapting, testing solutions through pilot activities

  • Assessing and monitoring results from the pilot activities

  • Elaborating plans for transferability of the results

Transfer (engl)

  • Conducting preliminary or feasibility studies
  • Developing initial stakeholder mapping to define target roles and objectives
  • Developing and implementing of a targeted public relations strategy
  • Designing, customizing and deploying modules for transfer of results in a step-bystep approach

Project proposals are made electronically by using the on-line Euro-MED program trace tool  JEMS.

You can get more info on the following link or contact us on [email protected] 

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